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Life’s Like a Walk at the Beach-II

April 14, 2013

Just a few more musings from my time at the shore-intended to provide some quiet reflection and relief from the busy-ness of life. Here’s some more thoughts about how life can be like a walk at the beach-

Someone was kind enough to leave us a visual treasure!

Someone was kind enough to leave us a visual treasure!

  • Take some toys! Make sure you have some things along with you that are just fun! Whether it is an uplifting book, a game to play with kids or grandkids, some brain-teasers, or a swim suit- or other appropriate wear for the occasion. I never thought that the offer of a kite would light up my college-aged son’s eyes! Purchase a kite, we did, at the local tourist store and he was smiling all the way back to the beach! Take a look back at the Kite Flying Antics blog if you want more details there. Everyone needs a little comic relief at times, to lighten the mood and gain a fresh perspective!
  • Save room for some treasures! I mentioned last time that I had found a few priceless shells and mini-sand dollars. Even my son collected a few “special” items. On my credenza, I actually have several small shell collections, and I can pinpoint when I gathered them- that trip to Hawaii, the beach at South Carolina, and with it come the memories of fun times. Each beach has had somewhat unique types of shells available. Each stop in life will have unique little “gifts” you can treasure.  Join the fun and excitement of youth taking a cross-country trip.  See if you can’t find that pressed penny collection and take a trip down memory lane.
  • Take your camera!  These days almost every has a “camera”- if not a “professional” looking type, maybe the one encased in the handy cell phone. Photos stop time, the instant they are taken.  If you take the time to print them in some format, then they are easy to go back to and review.  As we were traveling home, we were trying to remember what route we had taken, and when had we passed that way before.  Sure enough, a quick review of my collection of family newsletters that are part of my “album” collection, I found the pictures and news related to when we had passed that way before. We can’t keep in the present, those loved ones that have died. We can go back to the pictures we took and be reminded-almost instantly of the love and relationship that was shared. Shooting a camera means you have to slow down, but that’s not all bad either!

Life will always be busy, and we may not always enjoy what is before us. With just a small investment in time we can make sure to include a few toys, treasures, and photos to remind us of joy that has been before, and inspire us to pass that way again- if appropriate, and when we have a chance.  Don’t delay- treasure today.

Enjoying memories past-a future to look forward to.

Enjoying memories past-a future to look forward to.

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