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Life is Like a Walk at the Beach-Part 1

April 7, 2013

Recently, as you might have guessed from my latest posting I had the awesome opportunity to spend a week at the beach. There are lots of things on my Top 10 list in life, and time on/at the beach is on this list. As I was walking the sand, enjoying the wind and sunshine and smell of ocean perfume, I had time to reflect and it occurred to me that there are similarities between time on a beach and the time we do in life.Image

  1. Often you can find gems! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. At the beach it might be a quarter-sized sand dollar, that is still in tact. Or a lovely shell that seems to be shaped perfectly, or have that attractive hue. In life- maybe it is the person that passed on a kind word or deed, sent that special note that picked up your spirits. Even the day you get through town and the lights are green as you approach, can make the journey through your day less hectic and worth breathing a little extra prayer  of thanks for the small token of favor.


    Seaside Gems-Photo compliments of MG Photography

  2. Yep, on the beach, you will find fair weather and poor weather. It’s always helpful to bring a windbreaker, and sometimes an extra sweatshirt. Sometimes, one just has to postpone the trip to the waves until the storm lets up, knowing the sun will be out again! True also for life- Both the literal weather and the emotional climate. I’ve taken to referring to our New Mexico weather as Sunny and dry, or maybe even “dusty”. Guess that is better than the flooding that is happening elsewhere. At least most of the time it is not so dusty that I can’t see the mountains or the house next door. Sometimes the emotional climate around us becomes a little charged. A recent article that I read suggested that we not take life too seriously. If we slowed down, and waited a few, maybe the person who is upset would settle down and get over it. One mom says that by the time everyone is dispensed to their room for a bit of solitude, perspectives change and things are not so intense, and normal enjoyable relationships can be carried on once again.
  3. It can take effort to get there. At the beach, we could either drive a bit and find a place to park- 4 Wheel drive was occasionally helpful as the sand was deep in spots, or we could take some time and walk- which was about a .5 mile. Not bad really, in the scheme of things. Life takes effort, especially if you haven’t slept well the night before. Or you had all the inpatient people at your counter at the same time. This too will pass. Maybe you’ll sleep better the next night. Surely there will be different people to look after in the coming days. Putting a smile on your face can improve your mood as well, even if you don’t initially feel like it. Try it!
  4. The beach looks different, depending on what time of day you get to enjoy it. I missed shooting the beautiful colors of a sunrise on the waves, because we started out one morning before sunrise and I didn’t calculate correctly that the sun would be up before we returned from our daily walk. Life too, has it’s seasons. Thankfully your two-year old has annual birthdays, and with each one, his age appropriate tasks change. For years, while I enjoyed helping out in the children’s departments, I was willing to move on to other activities. Sure enough. My son is becoming an adult, and I am no longer spending as much time with the little ones. Good, bad? Not sure. Just different. As they say, nothing lasts forever, and often times, that can be a blessing. Though I must say, I was willing for my days at the beach to last longer!

Whatever is happening in your life right now– stay steady. Likely, it too will pass. Maybe sooner than later, maybe not. But don’t take yourself or life too seriously. Take a walk somewhere fun when you can and get a better perspective, and know that you don’t have to walk this road of life alone if you choose not to!


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