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Kite Flying Antics- Is Your Tail in a Knot?

March 24, 2013

There is nothing quite like a day at the beach, or preferrably a week. Sunshine, windblown hair, feet sandy from padding along in the surf. Add a colorful kite, and the day just gets better- until. The kite takes a nose dive and crashes to sandy, wave washed earth.

And the breeze was too much!

And the breeze was too much!

How about a week that seems to mirror the above. Everything is headed your way. Life is good. You know God and your co-workers and family are on your side and there is nothing stopping the good times from rolling. Except that roll over you and on past you, leaving you in a heap on a windy, sandy, unwashed floor.

What’s a person to do? Give up, go home? Pack the kite away, put away the planned picnic and given in to defeat? What about you? what has been your response? My son was undeterred by the potential set backs of not keeping a kite in the air. After consultation with wise and older father, and a camper kitchen cupboard, the solution was found.

Several plastic grocery bags and knots later, the errant kite had tails, and yes, those sported knots. When the first trial with too few bag tails failed, it was back to the knot tying board and soon the kite was aloft and proved to be able to carry it’s weight, and that of a camera. And none the worse for the care and tears.

It’s the same in life. Don’t let it get you down. Tough times hit? Hit the tough times with reinforcement. Consult your Heavenly Father. Raid the Bible promise cupboard. Find respite on an unoccupied stretch of beach, or house, or- wherever else you can park for a bit of reflection, and benefit from the resources available to you, anytime, anywhere!

Soaring Once Again

Soaring Once Again

Wonder if my Kite Tail is true? Check it out!


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