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Texting With the Right Equipment

March 3, 2013

The Right Stuff for Tea

Some of you may recall that about a year ago I wrote a piece about an experience I had, receiving a text from my son, in the middle of my morning errands. At the time I had one of those phones that is not conducive to texting. Some still have one- one of those flip phones. Mine was a 2006 vintage, as I was reminded when I took the opportunity to upgrade my phone last fall. The phone was no longer working quite as well as I thought it should, and I decided to see what I could do about it.

Aahh, what a change. My new phone has a key pad and all sorts of extra stroke options that allows me to whip out a message, to those who would likely benefit from my communication. My son was soon commenting that my messages were actually readable and I was getting “good” at this, whatever that relative term means. It certainly is less fustrating communicating by texting now.

My point today would be that now that I have reasonable equipment for the texting job at hand, I can in fact do the job at hand, and I have reduced any previous “wrong equipment” barriers that I encountered in the past. Yes, actually, I do text more than I used to, but I try not to let it interfere with the necessary face to face communication that is essential to my well-being.

Do you have the right equipment to eat right and be physically active? Years ago we had a gym membership. There was nothing wrong with the gym, actually it was really nice to have a spot to go play racquetball and use some of the equipment. But then the racquetball games began to cost an incredible amount of money. If I could only get to the gym more often, it wouldn’t be so costly. The only thing really wrong with this picture, was that the gym was 20 minutes away, not in my driving path, and certainly not available, given the schedule I was keeping. Hence, we eventually started “building” our own gym in the house, and actually, we do not confuse it with the laundry room or storage unit.

Our “work out room” truly is just that. We both use the equipment on an almost daily basis. And unlike years previous when I had the membership and the monthly or twice monthly game that we played (and cost us the month’s membership fee), we regularly use our equipment and by now, have certainly gotten our money’s worth. In fact, I would say, that like the new phone I  now sport, I have the right equipment that supports the physical activity that I need and actually want to participate in.

Does that mean that everyone needs to replicate this scenario? No- it just means that you need to settle on what “equipment’ will work for you and make it happen. I have a friend who recently- a few months ago- found a Zumba class that works for her. She has been able to be very consistent in attendance and thus consistent in making progress on her own weight control goals. For her, the class has become the “right equipment”.

Spend some time figuring out how you can make your goals work, and if necessary, start setting aside a little money on a regular basis to help you accomplish that seemingly unreachable goal. I’d love to hear how you come along on it!

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