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Have You Already Decided?

February 10, 2013

Once again I was at the counter of a department store, ready to make my purchase. Pleasantly, the clerk asked if I didn’t want to sign up for their store credit card, and thus, along with my $10 off coupon, I could receive another 20% off my purchase that day. “No” I assured her, I didn’t need a card and would pay the going rate for today’s items. Well, that was easier than the last time I was at the same store weeks before.

It reminded me of my little fiasco around Christmas time, a little over a year ago. Once again I was ready to seal my purchases at a different department store, that promotes special perks with getting their different style store credit card. This time I had over $100 worth of goods, and if I just signed on, the clerk said, I would get this great price reduction for the day and I could tally up the savings I would receive in the future. Okay, I thought, this is harmless, I can do this. It is not really a credit card, and I could use a cut on the my expenses for the day. I completed the required paperwork, completed my discounted purchase and started making my way out the door. Image

It must have been the fresh, sunny air that hit me, or, without the press of the promotion clerk and the waiting line of shoppers behind me, I could suddenly read the fine print. I could expect monthly statements, and all the other paperwork issues that came with this new card, along the with it’s promising discounts. No, this really was not going to work, and even if I had to pay my most recent discount, this had to stop, right now. I turned right around, found a kiosk in the store and amended my ways. No card, no discounts, but a clean bill, and no unwanted paperwork in my future. Now, was that so hard? That was when I finally made up my mind- I would not succumb to store checkout promptings to sign on for the latest and greatest.

My point for today? Have you decided what actions you are going to take regarding your health? Case in point- I have decided- as you might have guessed if you have read any of my recent blogs, that I am going to exercise, every day that I am not going to work earlier, aside from my chosen weekly day of Rest. Now, when I get up in the morning, I don’t have to succumb to my feelings of tiredness, ‘don’t feel like it today’, or any myriad of excuses that might tempt me to shun my physical activity engagement. It is not automatic- I mean, I still have to make a conscious choice to put on the work out clothes, go to the equipment, turn it on, or get on it, and start pumping away- but the hardest part is over- THIS IS WHAT I DO, and today I am once again doing what I need to do.

So, I encourage you to make a smart decision, in the broad daylight, with all your wits about you, and choose what you need to do. Plan it out if you have, but make provision to get started- now. Then don’t waffle, as I did, when the latest temptation to just forgo that healthy habit action comes along. You can do this! Take charge of your health!

Next time- Texting with the Right Equipment

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