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I Kept a Record-My Challenge

January 20, 2013

So I did what I set out to do in December. I kept a faithful record of the days I hit the workout room and did my stuff. The bad news? I managed to do so 14 out of 31 possible days. Guess I have room to improve there. The good news? I totaled 119 miles- 111 on the bike, and almost 8 miles on the treadmill- for about 560 minutes total of exercise time. Don’t forget the 112 push-ups and 300 curl-ups- can’t forget those abs and arms/pectorals. So, considering it was the holiday season, and I was just checking things out, I feel like I have a basic handle on what I can do. So what am I doing from here?

  • I liked it so much, I have a record going for January. 
  • Already I have tabulated over 90 miles and 560 minutes- just over 2 weeks into the month!
  • I have a sort of challenge going on- can I beat my mileage-to-date, on a day-to-day  basis- given the time I dedicate to the task?
  • The other day I was short on time, and having been attempting to get closer to 60 minutes, when I only put in 30 minutes, I realized I really had more energy and almost felt the need to push further/longer. That was a new concept! I must be developing those aerobic conditioning muscles?!!
  • Above all- this is also my devotional time. I love the quiet, focused time that I have to devote to communicating with my Sovereign. I know you never really develop the “habit” of exercising, but this added benefit certainly adds incentive to taking the time to put in the effort toward physical and spiritual and mental health.
  • Yes, this has been a great idea, and I have benefited from the hard and fast knowledge of what I have done and provides impetus to continue and even push the envelop a little.     Image

So how did you do? Anyone else try this?

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